Before you buy it , move it , plant it , paint it or build it,

 Look into the future with graphically Designed images of your homes interior or exterior projects.

We take images of your home that you send, and apply changes based on your ideas, then show you the future before you have the expense of trial and error. 

No longer guess if that color would look better, or if that flooring will match your room. What siding, wall tile, fixtures or trim will enhance your home. 

With graphically designed images.


We can show you it all together before you spend time and money on it. 

Give your Idea a image to help obtain what you want faster.

Original image of Kitchen in need of a new look 

With our Visual Home Design Service. We give you a new look by designing the full room along with sending a report with information on where to obtain each product to create the restoration .  You can enhance your home on your own timeline and finances without us interrupting your Schedule.  We work with any Budget! 

Original image of Kitchen. Client wanted to see what darker or lighter cabinets would look like before they changed them to match the flooring.  

L.K.M Designs Alteration Service can show you.  What each different color would look like before you spend time and money. We graphically enhance each image so you do not have to guess.  It is amazing what a little paint or stain can do.

Original image of Kitchen -  Was looking for new flooring and to see what it would look like with the entry carpet removed. 

L.K.M Designs Product Placement Service can show you what each floor idea will look like to enhance your room.  We graphically enhance each image so you know before you have it installed. 

All images are based off client request on changes. Product pricing and placement from images used for restoration are found online from different retailer and / or given by each client.   We do not assist or provide in obtaining or purchasing products nor with any manual labor on projects. L.K.M Designs is not affiliated with any retailer and find products based from ecommerce site to help you.  We are solely a visual guide in the forms of graphic image placement to help give your idea a image.  

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