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Exclusive  Custom Location Wholesale Apparel

As a buyer it is hard to find exclusive merchandise for your business that is not sold in a number of locations.  Thanks to the world wide web. It is easy for consumers to find a number of products that are sold in a mass amount  of locations. Forcing most small businesses to lose. For they can not compete with larger retail chains that buy wholesale in mass quantity at a much lower cost.  

A retailer having a special or unique product or line of products—or a particular design of apparel that it alone provides to consumers. Something no competitor can offer, in other words. 


                    creates  unique  images for your business base off of your location, special destination merchandise that is created exclusively for your business. That can only be purchased from your business. It is Exclusive apparel to sell or offer your customer base.

We design from a  number of different images that feature what is special about the location of your business such as lakes, animals, scenery, weather and more.


We work with a number of wholesale along with manufacturing companies  to place the images on merchandise. Creating  exclusive location apparel to help businesses to obtain more of a profit.  You will be the only location selling the products because they were designed for your business alone.






  • Exclusive contract for image designs and selling rights 

  • Bulk image design 

  • Proof approval of designs 

  • High end garments to low end based on companies needs.

          (Bulk minimum is required) 

  • Wholesale prices 

  • Marketing, promotional items such as banners,posters and signage  of products intended for retail sale. That includes your company logo on outer tags ready to sell.  ( Will be included in Exclusive contract rights agreement.) for they are designed for your business.

  • High quality print 

  • Low bulk quantity on reorders 

Let us help you offer exclusive custom location apparel. That is  designed for your business that your customers can never obtain any place else. 

We are adding information to this page .  Please check back at a later date ..

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