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L.K.M Designs was established in 1991 .  Painting murals and custom art for different clients straight out of high school. Back then it was Artistic Designs.


Never in a million years did I think it would still be with me today . My hobby that I loved took on a life of it's own  as I worked for other companies and started different ones  myself in the past  30 years . Pulling information and experience from each new adventure leading me back to the hobby for I always hosted it as a side job.   

In 1991 I started out as Artistic designs . Back in the later years before the internet, digital cameras and now cell  phones . Yes I am that old .   Murals and custom painting were mostly what I was doing that lead me to a graphics .  I am looking  for photos from the early years for they were mostly taken with Polaroid and 35mm camera's . I did not have the equipment I have now. For it was not invented or on the market back then. lol  Seeing technology was not not easy at our finger tips as it is now.  I free handed all designs and paintings.   

I left to attend Davenport College for a  Business degree . I was more interested in a Art degree yet, the field was not well know in the early 90's as it is today.  This ended me living in Kalamazoo  "Great Years "  fell in young love   that moved me to Fairbanks and Anchorage Alaska until 1996 . 

Moved back in October 1996 to the Michigan area and started Gift Connection and changed  the name of Artistic designs to Smiling Artist Designs.  Gift connection was a small gift boutique and I sold my Smiling artist designs from along with merged into wedding decor, balloons, gift and more 

We are adding information to this page .  Please check back at a later date ..

2005 I was taken with graphics and it came easy to me. I placed samples of hand full out of thousands of ad's for the Gateway  below .  

I changed gears and started working in a number of locations.  When I got a call asking if I would like a position at the Daily Reporter to sub for a friend of mine taking her territory  as a Sales Rep.   I took the position for I have always been in sales.  

Graphics and painting always pulled me back as I was blessed with the love of my life in 2008.  I left the Coldwater Reporter and I started My Smart Baby Company L.L.C from a business plan I designed when I was pregnant.  A very good friend of mine read the plan and join in on the adventure with me.   We started in a 1,500 sqft space and life moved us forward two years in the adventure and  my partner decided to move in a different direction .  So I moved to a 3,000 sqft building on US12  then again graphics found me.  I spoke to another business needing a website.     So running the Boutique and started "The Chain of websites 2010 to  2013

the chain.png

The Chain was designed with the idea the businesses would feed off each others customer base.  I designed and hosted them all along with linking them together so they would feed off of each other .

I no longer host any of the sites other then Modert Excavating Inc.  For we had a hand full of family medical issues that stopped me in my tracks that forced me to let go of the Boutique .  Kept me from renewing the contracts for The Chain . 

2014 L.K.M Designs started designing and hosting markets and expositions to help bring businesses interaction with the public in different locations.  Most graphics were designed by L.K.M Designs  along with hosting,  booking , zoning approval in each location in hopes to build revenue in the area they were hosted in. 


I am a huge supporter of new businesses and look for anyway to help them grow.  I fee they will be the future of our country.  As the businesses grow the economy grows.

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