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Most businesses understand. Logo placement on anything from apparel, website, banners and more are all forms of  marketing  for your business.  Anything your businesses logo or information is on to reach the public. 


Marketing in any form is the smartest  thing you could ever do for your business.

Why? Because it is the only way to increase customer flow that increases revenue for free.


For the cost circle back to you as a full deduction at the end of the year. Meaning it  places the amount of invested money back in your businesses pocket at the end of each year. Along with connecting with new consumers to help build revenue. 

It has always been a circle of money!

Can you deduct marketing expenses?  The answer is "YES!" The government allows you to deduct marketing expenses used to generate or keep customers. Advertising and marketing expenses qualify as an ordinary, reasonable, and necessary tax deduction.

No form of marketing is a waste of money ever. Because it cost you no money. 

It is an investment to bring you in more money for your business and in the end you! 

You have a number of deductions in equipment, office expenses, employees and so on.  Yet no other form of deductions can pull you in customers to increase revenue to keep building your business other then Marketing.


The consumer will not know what you have or offer. Unless you make sure they find you.

Word of mouth only works as far as the person who remembers to say your businesses name and information correctly.

  The chance of them remembering and sharing your business information daily. Is slim to none. 





Website & Phone App. Design and Hosting Packages  -  Social Media Page Enhancement  - Logo Designs - Promotional Products.

Everything we do for your business is a full  tax deduction!

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