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Visual Home Imagination & Restoration Service

L.K.M Designs graphically designs the images for you,  Contractors, City Zoning Board for permits that gives you a basic visualization on your idea for home restoration, design and repairs.  This will save you time and money instead of driving around for different products and samples from different retailers.  The image shows contractors exactly what you would like and keeps the cost down if you already have obtained the items needed for restoration. 

This is based off image or images you send of your home and description of what you are looking to add.


We will graphicly add Windows, doors, decks in the location you have described, change colors of exterior as in description up to 10  different alterations of combinations. We can use images you send of products you have along with find images based off of what you state you are looking for or idea you had and place them on image of your home.  


Visual Home Imagination and Restoration Service take all the guesswork out of what it will look like all together on your home and will save you from trial and error, running around finding different samples and more.  

All images are based off client request on changes. Product pricing and placement from images used for restoration are found online from different retailer and / or given by each client.   We do not assist or provide in obtaining or purchasing products nor with any manual labor on projects. L.K.M Designs is not affiliated with any retailer and find products based from e-commerce site to help you. 

 We are solely a visual guide in the forms of graphic image placement to help give your idea a image. 

NG 0003 - Home Renovation Images.jpg

Original Image of Home 

This was a restoration project and owner wanted to see what home would look like in Black and white with description given " I’m kicking around the idea of just going classic black and white but with the modern black windows, a modern black garage door put back in on the left, and opening up that front porch to a portico with columns." Here is before and after with Visual Home Imagination and Restoration Service. This kind of project would run around $100 to $500 based on number of images and alterations needed. Sample We removed shrubs and took out on wanted colors, opened up porch to portico and added black door, windows along with garage door as description stated, changed roof color and added driveway, front walkway along with pine tree. What a beautiful home it will be when it is finished. Let us help you!

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