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Alteration Image of Cabinets Sample.jpg

Original image of Kitchen. Client wanted to see what darker or lighter cabinets would look like before they changed them to match the flooring.  

L.K.M Designs Alteration Service can show you.  What each different color would look like before you spend time and money. We graphically enhance each image so you do not have to guess.  It amazing what a little paint or stain can do.

L.K.M Designs takes your image with description. Then we can alter images, coloring and placement in your room.  You send us the image and basic information on what you wanted altered.  Once you know where it is going and what you want then it is easier to obtain at a lower cost. 

  • Basic Alteration Service  -  $10 to $200 a photo image. We do not supply information on how to obtain the product just visual image of what it would look like in your room. Limited 5 Alterations same image. 


  • Full Alteration Service - $50 to $1,000 based on number of images and alterations needed. We can give you pricing from different retailers as it is listed to obtain the look you desire. Limited to 10 Alterations same image with report on products to create the look to enhance your home. 


All images are based off client request on changes. Product pricing and placement from images used for restoration are found online from different retailer and / or given by each client.   We do not assist or provide in obtaining or purchasing products nor with any manual labor on projects. L.K.M Designs is not affiliated with any retailer and find products based from eCommerce site to help you.  

We are solely a visual guide in the forms of graphic image placement to help give your idea a image.    

L.K.M Designs Image Alteration Service Sample. She needed to see how high she wanted the paneling, So we made it easier for her. $10 charge in quick alteration and saved her time in trial and error. Let us help you!

RM Project.jpg

This was a "should I paint it project." It would fall under Visual Alteration Service and something like this would be in the range of $5 to $20 charge. Let us know if we can help you save time and money. Once you see it all together it is easier to complete.

Original 1.jpg

Sample of a simple Visual Image Alteration Service. "I want to add color or something to these doors. I think its too plain. Curtains are not an option because the door opens in, although that is what i would like to do." In this we looked for correct paint to apply and graphically changed the color of the door to obtain the look she required. Something like this would be a $10 charge for alteration of image. Let us help with your next project!


Customer response "Omg i love it !!!" and L.K.M Designs recommend this high gloss paint and have it mixed to dark burgundy color. Behr paint would work as well, yet the Do it best paint keeps rust from obtaining on the door.

LJ Original Image.jpg

This was a small Alteration Project and she wanted to see what the colors would look like once refurbished " Just really like the green especially for this built in. Grabbed a few other accent colors to go along with." This kind of project Image Alteration Service runs around $10 to $50 based on number of images and alterations.    Response back " Oh my god I LOVE THIS!!!!! Please do use them on your website!! Now I can’t wait to paint ." " Those knobs are perfect too 👌"

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