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Let us create something perfect for your home. 

"It's not just our job. It's our hobby as well."

Visual Home Imagination & Restoration Or

We take images of your room that you send and can redesign it down to every last detail and send you information on where to obtain each item placed in your newly designed room or rooms. 


We work closely with each client obtaining basic information they want to see in the rooms along with antiques, keepsakes, family photos, appliances, furniture, decor and more. All making your house a home.


We work with any budget for when you know what the finish product will be. You can enhance your home on your own timeline and finances without us interrupting your Schedule.  


All images are based off client request on changes. Product pricing and placement from images used for restoration are found online from different retailer and / or given by each client.   We do not assist or provide in obtaining or purchasing products nor with any manual labor on projects. L.K.M Designs is not affiliated with any retailer and find products based from e-commerce site to help you.

We are solely a visual guide in the forms of graphic image placement to help give your idea a image. 


Original image of restroom needing updated

CM restoration Original image.jpg

This was a Visual Product Placement - With product list. Original image and " What would you do with this monstrosity?
I bought a nice fireplace but the venting conversion would be over a thousand. Any thoughts? This is our only heating source in Colorado which gets pretty cold in the winter. Small 800 sq ft home. Thanks." With product placement we can change the image of almost anything and designed a new look on an older item. We are only a visual aid and do not offer any manual labor and all items are recommendations. Yet it is up to homeowner to use best judgment. In the product placement design. The stone is For use inside and out, on a home, a fireplace, wainscoting, decking, and more. The paint added is High heat Bar BQ Black enamel paint stand up to 350 degrees. Plant hanger is metal and heat should not cause a problem. A silk plant would be best but a tropical climate plant would live well in heated area as long as it was watered daily. Scented warmer should heat with heat coming from the heater but if not then it is safe to have on area and will fill the home with whatever scent if placed in it. Any white trim for wall to match home decor. Restoration image design for this kind of project runs $25 to $100 with product list.


Let us help with your next project!

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