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Logo Design, Restoration and Alteration Service 


Logo Design 

Logo Design is  $130

Six different logo designs including four alterations on chosen logo 

Purchased logo will be sent in 3 Types of Image Files ·

1. JPEG (or JPG) - Joint Photographic Experts Group · 2. PNG - Portable Network Graphics · 3. GIF - Graphics Interchange. 

L.K.M Designs design from information given based on each Business. 

1 - Business name 

2- Basic details and type of business 

3- Your idea for a logo 

4- Colors you would like in your logo 

5- Shape you  would like your logo 

Once your logo is obtained it can be printed and used on anything . 

Alteration Service

Alteration service  starts at $10 for logo we designed 

Alteration on a logo designed by another ranges from $20 to $100

L.K.M designs can make basic alterations to your existing logo or  image such as color, font.

Normally if a business changes contact information or  location they require this service. 

Restoration Service

Restoration Service is based on project at hand.  Free quote is given.

A number of times businesses purchase a logo on a product  and said logo can not be

used for it is not cleaned or it was not obtained  in a file format such as jpg. png or gif .


The logo might need to be resized and/or reshaped to keep from distortion, Normally this is

needed when using your logo on  promotional items for marketing . 

We are adding information to this page .  Please check back at a later date ..

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