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Excepting new contracts for design at this time.

Contact today for information and to place your business on the list
for Design and Hosting for 2022 to 2026  



Working with  businesses  on yearly contracts in design and hosting custom websites and mobile websites  for each business. 


Custom website meaning your images, your businesses style.

That helps your business stand out  from standard temples made for websites design.

Along with showcase your businesses projects,  products and/or services.  


We customize everything for you !

Contract design fee  starting at $1,500 to $6K based on number of pages.

Design & Hosting packages. Note: We will not design with out hosting. We do not host or design e-commerce sites. 


Design & Hosting  includes 

Full design based on amount of information given. - Domain name for your business - Connecting to search engines, media sites, phone, email address to your business. - Uploading your images and alterations on each image as needed - Proof reading - Page links - Design of mobile app to match website. 

Monthly hosting fee of $50 to $100 - Includes

- Monthly website updates  emailed to you at the end of each month

- Uploading of images and information that you send v-email on the first of each month  for following months information to your website and mobile site on promotions, new images, changed business information, ad design if needed.  

Website Design & Hosting Information 
Please note response time is normally 2 to 3 business days from date contacted.  
Which days are you available?

Thanks you! We'll get back to you soon.

Sample of one of our website designs. click 

All websites and LK.M Designs services are all a full tax deduction. 

Under marketing expenses on your taxes.

Yearly Deduction! 

For you pay for hosting service each year. 

So in reality you pay NOTHING.

For the cost circles back to you at the end of each year on your taxes as a deduction.

  Your website and mobile app helps pull in more customers to your businesses to increase revenue. 

Smartest thing you could ever do for your business ! 

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