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The Lake Drinker brand collection was designed as adult novelty to be become merchandise for brick and mortar liquor stores , party stores along with local bars and taverns connected to lakes around each state with a liquor license .


In creating custom exclusive  brand merchandise in The Lake Drinker  brand that can only be purchased in one retailer in each area.  The lake images will be changed based on location of each business. 


No business offering The Lake Drinker brand will have exact same merchandise for they are customized to each map of region  to reach consumers as a marketing concept for the brand and retail business  . 


  The Lake Drinker brand products host your logo and/or business name along with state silhouette that your business is located.


Making all The Lake Drinker products a "Marketing Deduction" for your business.  They will host the name or image of the Lake your customer base is flowing from.  So they will cost your business nothing to sell for the full invested amount plus profit will come back to your business at the end of the year. 


Creating revenue for your business by offering exclusive merchandise in the The Lake Drinker brand for that location. That also is designed as advertisement for your business. 

The Lake Drinker  is designed for fun and life on the lakes.

L.K.M Designs. Designed and hold trademark  on  The Lake Drinker brand merchandise along with all Extended licenses needed  for images incorporated in our designed merchandise . 


Alterations are made based on the lake and state the merchandise is sold. Based on each location that host your business.


Limiting the printed addition of each image based on location, business and lake in all our exclusive novelty merchandise .  No one business will be able to have the same back ground images. For all images are changed based on lake for each business.   All state silhouette image is changed based on location of each business. 

Only your business will have the exact image for it changes for each lake, each business and each location. 


Your business will be the only location around that lake that the consumer can purchase The Lake Drinker brand merchandise. 

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