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brand products host your logo and/or Business Name. Along with the state silhouette that your business is located. Making all The Lake Drinker brand products a "Marketing Deduction" for your business.  They will host the name or image of the Lake your customer base is flowing from.  No other business will host exact same The Lake Drinker brand products. Making your business the  only dealer in that  location  for that merchandise as a dealer of  The Lake Drinker brand product line based off of the state your business resides and the lake and/or lakes business is hosted on . 



The full invested amount will come back to your business at the end of the year. Under a marketing deduction. Plus profit as the merchandise sells can be deducted once product itself is sold.

HOW ?  By placing your businesses logo on all the products. Turns them from merchandise to marketing .

The Lake Drinker brand is only sold in limited locations. So we have to have your logo image to promote your location for each  image and location of products are customized to your business.   

Is merchandise a tax deduction? We all know it is. The problem is if your products do not  sell they become assets and assets depreciate in value and will not give you a stead money  flow to purchase more products with out leaving a loss. 

This is defined as merchandise you purchase to resell. You can only write off the cost of inventory that is sold. If you have unsold inventory, that is considered an asset. Asset depreciate  over time leaving a loss

Marketing  is a 100% tax deduction in the same year.  

Is marketing 100% write off? Advertising and marketing  Yes! Yes! Yes!

What is considered a marketing expense?

Marketing expense is comprised of those costs incurred to present an organization's goods and services to prospective customers. Examples of costs that are classified as marketing expenses are: Advertising. 

If you pay for advertising or marketing to promote your small business, those costs are fully tax deductible. As long as the expenses are considered ordinary, reasonable, and necessary, they qualify. 


The Lake Drinker brand is only sold in limited locations  so we have to have your logo image to promote your location for the merchandise you are selling. Making it necessary for each  image and location of products that you sell of The Lake Drinker brand  are customized for each location on products . Turning them into marketing .   In doing this the merchandise cost ends up circling back to you at the end of the year and cost your business nothing to sell for profit to increase revenue. 

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